I am running an "early bird campaign" on my website to sell a yearly membership to my travel product. Is the current sales strategy on point?

The "early bird campaign" is being planned to be run on my own website. This is a marketplace product where bloggers compose the service side of marketplace. We are in the mode of on-boarding 400 or so bloggers. The high level strategy is to raise awareness for the product through their social media connections (Tweets, Facebook messages etc) We'll be asking them to strategically tweet/message about the product on their social media accounts over a period of time leading up to "early bird campaign". The goal here is to attract 8000 paid backers to pitch an average of $25 each in order to achieve $200,000 worth of revenue. Keeping my high level strategy in mind, am I missing anything? What other elements should I line up in order to make this campaign successful? Note: I've tested the product with end customers and they have shown their liking.


I wonder what differentiates your site so that people want to pay to read the blogs. Who is your target market?

Are all bloggers having established social networks? In another words, how is their social influence?

Is $25 a one-time deal? Can they pay through mobile?

Answered 9 years ago

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