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Want to have more clarity? See beyond what is in front of you? Interested in business growth and personal growth?Talk to me! My name is Hsuan-hua Chang (Pronounced: “shuan hua”). I am the owner of Coach Seattle Inc., an immigrant from Taiwan, a mother of three adult children, an author who learns through her fingers.

It is my passion to support business leaders in realizing their personal and professional goals. My brand is Leaders Empower Leaders ™. I honor leadership, teamwork, empowerment, integrity, innovation and creativity.

As a Georgetown University certified leadership coach, I have worked with executives to increase revenue through effective leadership, creative business strategy and productive teamwork. I also have empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs from a broad base of backgrounds including business leaders in the high tech industry, dentists, physicians, realtors, financial advisers and lawyers through thousands of hours of coaching. They have achieved their goals and seen the value of partnering with me.

I have over 20 years of experience in wireless technology, having held corporate positions ranging from software engineer/developer, technical architect/product manager to product marketing manager.

My enterprise technology experience blended with my professional business coaching background results in a rare and effective approach to coaching that brings clients of all backgrounds the results they seek in empowering their lives and ensuring the growth of their business ventures.

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I do think shared economy is the best business model right now. By providing a mechanism to allow consumers sharing their resources, the business model will generate incomes for the innovators and consumers at the same time. Backend technology is extremely important in this business model.

You might want to do some data analysis on consumer behaviors. There are tools out there and some startups are willing to do free trial for your. When you get the insights, you know how to improve your website.

I like Emergenetics. It tests both personality and one's preferences (thinking + behaving). It is used for hiring, onboarding and team building. Each assessment costs $120 and you need to hire a certified associate - I am one of them - to debrief the results and coaching accordingly.

Call if you want to know more about the test.

First, you want to define job descriptions so you have clarity on the responsibilities, experiences and locations needed.

Then, You can posting your positions in LinkedIn Jobs. You will attract many technical talents. Other than technical skills, you also want to look for different thinking and behaving preferences in order to put together a "whole" team to work well together.

There are many technical talents out there and you will find the right folks if you are clear about your goal and on boarding process.

I will be happy to talk to you. Give me a call.

Do you have good reviews? That would be the first step to establish in order to attract more downloads.

App description is important too. I was looking for a mileage tracker app yesterday and the one I chose had a simple and yet complete description to tell me what the app does.

Leveraging influencers in the field can be effective. Do you know who has a huge social media following and would likely enjoy your game? Reach out and make friends.

For organic growth, you do need to promote it through social media tools. Therefore, growing social media following is important and being a resource for IOS app development will establish the social media engagement.

Good luck!

I wonder what differentiates your site so that people want to pay to read the blogs. Who is your target market?

Are all bloggers having established social networks? In another words, how is their social influence?

Is $25 a one-time deal? Can they pay through mobile?

Backendless is a mobile app development platform and also provides server functionalities. You need to develop your app using the platform.

See resource below to determine if it is right for your app
"Using Backendless developers can focus solely on the user experience and client-side business logic of their applications without worrying about or spending any time on the infrastructure and server-side tasks. Backendless accomplishes this by exposing the core server-side functions as programmable services accessible via specialized and REST APIs. Without any effort, developers can implement app functions for user registration and login, data persistence, push notification, geolocation, publish subscribe messaging and media streaming. Absolutely all default server-side behavior can be modified or extended with custom business logic. - See more at: https://www.crunchba"

Go to networking events to meet people and have conversations. You want to find people having passion towards the ideas you propose, having entrepreneur mindset and having different strengths that compliment with yours. At the same time, you want to protect your IP. I will be happy to have a conversation with you.

Can you do both? That seems like the key question for you.

Based on my own experience, I would say: Yes. You can do both. You can set SMART goals for your business and your career and have both. Entrepreneurship has transformed my career and gives me the vision that my corp colleagues don't have.

The next question would be: are you biz goals in alignment with your sister's? An authentic communication will take you to mutual understanding and you might reach an agreement that suits you both.

Good luck and call if you want to talk more.

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