Is Backendless a server for hosting mobile apps? I'm not very familiar with servers but I need to find the best option for my new app.


Backendless is a mobile app development platform and also provides server functionalities. You need to develop your app using the platform.

See resource below to determine if it is right for your app
"Using Backendless developers can focus solely on the user experience and client-side business logic of their applications without worrying about or spending any time on the infrastructure and server-side tasks. Backendless accomplishes this by exposing the core server-side functions as programmable services accessible via specialized and REST APIs. Without any effort, developers can implement app functions for user registration and login, data persistence, push notification, geolocation, publish subscribe messaging and media streaming. Absolutely all default server-side behavior can be modified or extended with custom business logic. - See more at: https://www.crunchba"

Answered 9 years ago

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