How can I find a technical cofounder for my startup?

I've been trying to find a tech cofounder for my company (Lemro) for the past 3 months. I've tried these things: - Tried "relevant & qualified" folks (3 of them) in my network. - Contacted nearly all of the tech cofounders in my area (Delhi, India) on Linkedin and AngelList, and requested them to refer some rockstar programmer. - Posted on relevant job sites including AngelList. - Tried relevant events like Startup Weekend, etc. There are not many hackathons happening locally so didn't attend any of those. What are the other possible ways I can try? Is there anything I am doing wrong?


You are not doing anything wrong you are actually doing all the right things.

I took a look at what you are trying to build. That is where you need to do some work.

1. Books today are relatively inexpensive. So what would the cost be to rent vs buy? Rent vs buy used?
2. Why not go to the library?
3. You can buy used, no?

As a Non-Technical founder I don't see the problem

Answered 7 years ago

You are doing everything right, but the funny thing I noticed working in this field, is that our there is full of people looking for programmers and programmers looking for projects. What I would suggest you is not use the channels you think are right, but to look for the channels the programmers actually use to find a job. Make a quick search on which channels are usually used by programmers to get a job, the social groups or meetups they usually use, and there you will find your co-founder.

Answered 7 years ago

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