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I see very long ansers bu here the the solution is simple, really: hire somebody with a HR background, probably with a degree in philosophy, social scineces or psychology and an extensive network of professionals in the required field.

I would start by saying that learning from your own experience is a very long and expansive process, that one cannot always afford. If you can, gather as much valuable people around you and learn from their experience. Also, be sure to have around you everything you might need to build efficently your company. Outsourcing, if done correctly, can greatly improve the quaility of your business. This said, don't forget that you are the focus of your company. Take all the valuable elements from outside but you will ultimatelly be the one taking the final decision


I see the attention here is a lot on the product but, in order to maximize the conversion rate you need 3 things:

- a good product
- a good marketing and engagment strategy
- a GREAT sales team and pricing policies.

I developed many products and built several sales teams and the relationships between who creates the product and who sells it (sales or marketing) is really important. If you wish, I can give you a piece of advice on the matter!



In this kind of situations, what I always suggest is: create a network, work on the ground. Use social netoworks and groups related to the territory you work on. Find the user basin you want to tap into, figure out what kind of other services do they use, and get in touch with them. That's a good piece of advice both for marketing and events. I developed a business in a similar field, health&fitness, but in order to be more precise I would need to know what are the other local small businesses in your netowrk.

I would say that the most importan things are: preparation, information, network. Study the experience of similar firm in those countries, understand where you might have an edge and also look for potential partners who are already well placed in the market whose products could be complementary to yours. This would give you a priviledged entry position and a local partner with skills.

You are doing everything right, but the funny thing I noticed working in this field, is that our there is full of people looking for programmers and programmers looking for projects. What I would suggest you is not use the channels you think are right, but to look for the channels the programmers actually use to find a job. Make a quick search on which channels are usually used by programmers to get a job, the social groups or meetups they usually use, and there you will find your co-founder.

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