What are some of the most unique local business marketing strategies you have seen for new chiropractor patients?

Working with chiropractors and other local small businesses to build a marketing calendar and do promotions/events/procedures for new patients and retention. Need an edge


When it comes to unique strategies, you should think way outside the box and not be afraid of "risk." Working with other local small businesses can help with cross-promotion, but sometimes that's not enough.

Here are some examples I just thought of off the top of my head:

1) Get in touch with any personal injury attorneys and ask for referrals. Give them 10-15% of each client they send your way.

2) Find any outdoor events in your area (ex. marathons, triathlons, mud runs, etc...) and set up a booth at the event. Give free massages and offer info to your potential clients.

3) Take advantage of social media. Search Twitter for people near you who are complaining about back pain. Tweet them and offer your services with a 10-20% discount for their first appointment.

If you're interested we can set up a call and I can give you more strategic ideas once I learn more about your business and efforts up to this point.

Hope this helped!


Answered 7 years ago

In this kind of situations, what I always suggest is: create a network, work on the ground. Use social netoworks and groups related to the territory you work on. Find the user basin you want to tap into, figure out what kind of other services do they use, and get in touch with them. That's a good piece of advice both for marketing and events. I developed a business in a similar field, health&fitness, but in order to be more precise I would need to know what are the other local small businesses in your netowrk.

Answered 7 years ago

People always say content marketing, I've been testing my theory of artistic marketing, and guess what, it is highly effective.

Example: My buddy has a small brick and mortar cell phone repair shop. He wanted to find new ways to generate business. I told hime I had an idea and it would take a little bit of money and a decent amount of work, but when it was done, it would have a massive pay off.

First, he needed a little bit of rebranding work and a catchier name for his business. Something that people would be able to identify quickly and something that would leave a longer lasting impression.

This is what we did. I told him to take his Smart Car and rewrap it. Wrap it? That's the big solution? No, not at all. I told him to wrap it with a clear wrap and go purchase thousands of Legos of a variety of different colors. The idea was to glue legos to the doors, the hood, the trunk, the rims, and just about anything else you could glue a lego to. We created a 2-D version of his logo to easily integrate it into the Lego design.

Why the hell would anyone do this? We didn't create a marketing vehicle, we created a piece of art that traveled all around the town of where his potential next customers live. I looked at it like this....people love to take photos with the craziest things that they see on a daily basis and post to social media. This would be one of those photos. They make some goofy face in front of the car, the logo is in the background and this person shares it with all of their friends on social media. Majority of those people are going to live in the same town/area.

This made him the #1 cell phone repair shop in the entire area. He Just bought another vehicle and is looking to create another Lego vehicle for marketing.

I would do something similar for your business. Create a Lego bench in your office with a lego man or woman sitting on it. If you Google Lego Bench, you'll see something similar to what I'm talking about. You place your logo, website and other business information in the background, and you're good to go. Watch the photos go viral in your city/town.

Create art. People love out of the norm. So many different ways to get the attention. Majority of people are following what the next guys is doing or what the books say to do. That will never be enough. You have to try new and exciting ideas. Make sure they pass the "Sniff Test" and test them out.

Hope this gave you some ideas or at least gets you thinking in the right direction.


Best regards,
Zee Moric

Answered 7 years ago

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