How to earn online by providing investment consultancy or writing blogs on this subject???


1. I would recommend having your own website for for writing these blogs. Also, try to have a booking or appointment option on your website so that people can see a clear "call to action" when they are on your website.
2. At the same time, make sure you publish these blogs as articles on LinkedIn.
3. Answer some related questions on the subject matter on Quora, Reddit, and Twitter and be very unselfish about it.
4. Scheduling free calls on Clarity is also a very good idea. Start consulting for free and before you know it, you will get paid customers through these channels.
5. If you have the budget, make vlogs on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube about your investment success stories or winning formulas.
I hope these help! Thank you!

Answered 6 years ago

1) Building your website is the first step. The website will tell potential leads everything about you in terms of experience, expertise, completed projects, clients, and much more. This will be the fastest way to monetize your skillset and there are a lot of places (FB, Youtube, Google, etc.) from where you can generate leads quickly if you are good with putting in money.
2) Writing blogs and generating ad revenue is complex. Writing blogs is no longer as lucrative as it used to be. A content shift is happening and video content has already speeded ahead of blogs. So, if you want to go ahead with content, I would recommend focusing on video content rather than blog writing. Podcasts also have great potential nowadays.

Drop me an email at if you need help with website & initial brand building or let's schedule a call to gain deeper understanding. Cheers.

Answered 6 years ago

You can build a Blog and make money from this but boggling is not longer what it use to be so you need new strategies to fit into your Blog.
First things first:

1. You need to build your Blog in such a way that it's easy to find, follow and share (always keep that in mind).
2. Incorporate more than one type of media meaning not just text and pictures, also incorporate gifs, videos, to make it entertaining for the viewer and keep them engaged.
3. Build your reputation and following by guest writing for others in the niche and linking back to your site, the more influence these people have the better.
4. Monetize! You can offer your own info products on the subject, consultancy, affiliate products, you can do ads for other people and you can even get sponsors for your Blog. Don't limit yourself to just one form of monetization but also don't make it look like NASCAR because it becomes annoying.

Also with this kind of topic it's great to deliver value on a consistent basis so Social media and Email are a must for you.

Answered 5 years ago

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