What’s a realllyyyy passive way to make passive income?

Just trynna get dat bread


Few ways I have done it which is really passive (means not even managing anything)
- Hard Money Loans and Equity deals of Real Estate
- Other kind if diverse loan types again where someone else is managing the serving collection and legal work
- Getting land (since it doesn't require much management) and selling for profit or renting for agriculture
- Of course Investing in dividend stocks is the most common and most preferred day
- Investing in stocks along with conservative option writing strategies.
- CDs and bank interest - but currently its very low but just few years ago you could get 3% for 5 years
- investing in precious metals - it doesn't generate any income but can be sold for capital gains - look at a gold chart of 20 years!

Of course I might be missing multiple other ways that are possible.

Answered 11 days ago

Ebooks selling is also one passive income and there plenty of places to sell them like Amazon.

Answered 10 days ago

Assuming that the risk is managed and your own involvement is limited to only the spare time you can't productively employ otherwise, there are a lot of passive income avenues. But don't forget, to earn passive income, you'll have to invest either time/effort or money in consideration. Or else, they have unavoidable downsides. Here are a few examples.

1-Property Rental (Financial investment needed)
2-Youtube channel monetization (Deep expertise and fanbase needed)
3- Vacation getaway management(Financial investment and self involvement required). It's a full time job but doesn't feel that way.
4- Royalty (Write a book or sell a self developed mobile application)
5- Share dividends (this is as close to a 100% passive income as it gets. RISKY)
6- Bank deposit interest (NOT lucrative)

Answered 10 days ago

Some of the best truly passive income ideas that I have personally experimented with, include: Stock Photography, Self-Publishing with Amazon KDP, Selling a Digital Product on Gumroad or Etsy, or incorporating Affiliate Links into blog posts.

I've written a more detailed post, here:

Answered 7 days ago

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