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CEO & Founder of The EyeBook; USA G20 YEA Delegate, USA Delegate of World Entrepreneurship Forum; Business Development Executive at Buckham & Duffy Consultants; Board Member and Associate Manager of Business Development and Operations at Dartmouth Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer

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I would highly recommend internet marketing as the most effective way to market your boutique hair salon. With internet marketing, you can target individuals within your demographic criteria and geographic location at an affordable cost. This can be done with an enhanced SEO strategy or content marketing. Write articles that describe your salon and market that through diverse platforms across the web, specifically in your geographic location with the "women above 40" slotted in (300-800 words).
I can provide many recommendations based on my experience with affordable services that exist and tips that can help benefit your salon. Many companies or individuals might recommend hiring a top marketing firm to help drive consumers to your salon, but I discourage this. You can easily do this yourself! Through my experiences working with small budgets, I have been effective in driving internet consumers to my sites from 0 users to upwards of 10,000 unique live users in just under 6 months. I would love to help you do the same!

I would love to advise a few ideas to get your online business going. With a background and expertise in Internet Marketing, I believe that a blog could be a great way to increase your client way. Additionally, with content marketing, you can offer your services and clinical advise across the Bay area for your current and future client base. Lastly, we can discuss a robust social media and ad words based visibility engagement campaign to help you grow your business in the bay area. I would love to speak with you on the phone to answer any follow up questions. Have a wonderful day.

Great work on your blog! There are a few ideas that come to mind when thinking about how to monetize your advice driven blog.
-The first idea is to be a consultant individually for those visitors who might want to engage with you privately.
-The second idea is to offer premium membership to your users for most specific advice driven conversation. Websites attract visitors with free content and then they realize that they can get added benefits by paying a membership fee.
-The third, similar to a paid membership, private forums can be created to cater to your audience. Members can pay an annual/monthly fee to access the forum and interact with the other members.
-The fourth, surveys and polls; You can place surveys and polls from certain companies on your website that will pay you for the privilege. You can sign up to these sites and choose a particular survey/poll that will fit in with the content on your website. Visitors of your site can participate in voting, whilst you get paid for displaying it.
-The last idea, post other blog content on your site by charging them a fee to have their article/content published on your site (this will benefit their SEO and your blog's revenue).

Would love to continue this conversation and speak with you about different services that are both affordable and have proven success for many of my companies.

eBay is a great starting place. Would love to help you create a store and market it effectively. I have done this for years in other related business.

Yes, this is legal and has become a huge business for companies around the world. Despite these trends, there are huge red flags in this form of marketing for companies as these 'users' will most likely not become 'live'/'real' users and will not engage with the page's content. Most companies looking for likes on Facebook will want the users to be interested with their content rather than just for the number. Engagement activity is key!

Hope this helps. I have been able to grow engagement activity for many Social Media pages and would love to help you!

I work with an international jewelry business for a similar age group. We use both Facebook and Twitter but find that content related marketing is the most beneficial for us. I would love to continue this conversation with you on the phone. Through ecommerce, content marketing and social media, we have been fortunate to grow in huge multiples month-to-month.

I would be happy to share with you a lecture I gave on SEO at a business school on SEO, Marketing and Optimization Strategy. Additionally, I would be glad to provide you a set of affordable services that can benefit your site's google page rank.

This seems like a very interesting project! I have spent the last few years working with college career centers and employers to help this exact problem. Recruiting by and large has been a huge issue for employers as it is difficult to find the 'perfect' candidate - based solely on a resume, GPA, etc. I would recommend looking at the university market for your business. If you are interested in further discussing your question, I would be happy to share my research with you and discuss your idea further.

I have a few colleagues that are in the space and I would be happy to arrange for you to speak with them. Additionally, there are several legal services on the Internet that you can specify your industry and your needs and they will match you with attorneys who will be able to further assist you.

As a Delegate of the United States for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance, this is a recurring question. Young entrepreneurs require a great deal of support and entrepreneurship must be seen as a valid and respected career option for young individuals who are studying in a liberal arts education. At the G20 YEA Summit, the US ranked as number one in entrepreneurship culture compared to the other G20 countries. As a delegation we discussed that despite the ranking, we as young entrepreneurs face numerous issues from innovation and technology, age and gender equality and the perception of entrepreneurship being a sustainable occupation. In innovation and technology, we must bring young minds to more traditional industries as innovation is outperforming our ability to execute. Young individuals are not learning the necessary skills in time with the rate of growth and technological advancements.
Regarding your question, I believe that young entrepreneurs often have a lack of confidence when they are just getting started. They are risk-averse and this leads to the idea of failure. Failure is sometimes inevitable for businesses and young entrepreneurs must understand that. Reaching out to successful entrepreneurs and hearing their stories is crucial. I would love to continue this conversation with you by offering a call for follow up discussion.

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