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Co-Founder of Deset Business Solutions, B2B Group Buy Community and an Expert in Superior Customer Service- coaching, mentoring and consulting.
Deset Business Solutions creates innovative and effective solutions, to interlock and synchronise 4 pillars of business:
People | Assets | Management | HR
in order to increase our client's profit, efficiency and effectiveness.
With over 20 years of experience in Business Development, Customer Service and B2B Sales I have the ability to draw on a vast arsenal of knowledge and skills to create a number solutions that will increase your company`s bottom line.

Customer Service
We help and guide Companies reach the Superior Customer Service level, develop customer service strategies to Increase their Customer base, referrals, retention and loyalty.
We create custom solutions to increase positive customer feedback and mitigate the effects of negative reviews.

B2B Sales development
Developing creative solutions to increase B2B Sales volume and restructuring your sale goals.

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Some fantastic answers you got right there but keep in mind following:
Get to know your customers - Knowing who they are and what they expect from your business is the key to your growth.Take a Cue fashion for an example:
They ask their clients for direction.
Always keep in mind the old retail adage: Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price.
People buy story, experience and sentimental value.
As much as is important to build the company brand name equally important is to build the owners personal brand .

You have few awesome answers already but I will try to chip in from a different perspective.
Before you go any further with your message and marketing , you need to find answers to the following questions:
What is your business model?
Who are your customers ( demographics ) and Who is/are your perfect clients/customers?
What is the purpose of your product/s?
What issues are you solving with your product/s?
How do I benefit from buying your product?
One off buying or repeat business?
What is the story behind the product?

Once you answer these questions fully and honestly, you can go to the next step as the message will be clearly visible to you.
<imagine..scenario> < problem> <I have a solution> < Hook>
E.G - Message - Imagine a day without pain!
Foot pain that won't go away? Imagine a day without frustration and pain! Our new and innovative solution will make your problems vanish. For only $19.95...
Sounds good?

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