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Call me for WordPress training, DIVI theme assistance, website conversion, website redesign, public speaking coaching, reading your Google Analytics, Javascript ReactJS and Redux training.

HELPING ENTREPRENEURS MAKE MONEY ONLINE THROUGH WordPress, Public Speaking, Fiverr, Udemy, and streaming TV.

Founding member of Hot Web Ideas, a web re-design firm where we not only re-design websites and social media marketing campaigns for profitability.

WordPress trainer and assistance in the Divi theme, WordPress Theme Development, WordPress Gutenberg, WordPress plugin development.

ReactJS developer: I will teach you ReactJS, which is Facebook's popular Javascript framework as well as Redux.


We will not only redesign your website, but we are experts in website conversion: converting your website visitors into customers through simple design changes. Let me show you how to improve your website.


Do you fear public speaking, but still need to do it? I can help. I love to speak publically and am not afraid to present. I have presented to audiences from 50 to 1,000 and have spoken at the United Nations in New York City in the summer of 2016. I have also spoken in St. Louis, CIncinnati, Kansas City, Boston, and Jacksonville on podcasting, web design, web development, and social media marketing.

If you need help developing a presentation or someone to help you overcome public speaking shyness, I can help.


I have 6 successful Udemy courses on web development, WordPress and helping songwriters and musicians produce music videos. As a singer/songwriter, I have written over 150 songs and once I found success with my music video for Pianoland, I created a free Udemy course on how to produce one on a shoestring budget. eLearning is one of my passions and I love helping people succeed this way.


Also, I market bloggers and show them how to make money with their blogs as well as use social media to get more blog subscribers. Also, a founding member of, a blog network that promotes blog posts.


After 4 successful years on Fiverr, I have encouraged many sellers to join Fiverr and to help them make money while earning them new leads for their businesses.


I also help musicians become home recording engineers and offer advice on music recordings. I have 4 rock albums as well as one smooth jazz album with the saxophone.

Recent Answers

I like to create several of the following: YouTube videos, mainly sizzle reels and them share them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter mainly, but I have now been seeing success with Instagram.

Also, with Instagram, you can target your audience using up to 30 hashtags. I can help you determine which of those hashtags are the best for you and your product launch.

Those are my three favorite strategies that work for me and my clients.

I hope this helps. I can work with you to create these and more strategies for your product launch.

Bruce Chamoff

Hello, I know WordPress and Memberium, but if you want someone local, you can always go to your local WordCamp or WordPress meetup. The WordCamps are listed at and there is usually one in every major city. You can message me with more of the details that you would like on your WordPress site and we can do a call for you to show me what you want completed on your website.


I will give you 4 ways to monetize and sell your plugin.

First of all, I need to say that you are using social media and Adwords which is fine, but getting the traffic to your plugin page is the challenge. And if you are using social media, are those people in your target market to even want the plugin? They must be WordPress site owners and developers, or otherwise all the Adwords and Facebook advertising will not work.

First Way:

What has worked for some of my clients is to offer a LIMITED version of the plugin for free and then offer an upgraded version for your price on the WordPress repository. That is what the most popular plugins do.

WooCommerce is free, but they charge extra for the add-ons, so that is one way you can go: Offer your plugin for free and limit its functionality and then offer paid upgrades for extra services.

Second Way:

Another way to monetize your plugin is to do what most of the free plugins do: Offer about 50% of its functionality for free and then the other 50% is available through a paid upgrade which is your regular price.

Third Way:
Offer the full plugin for free and ask for donations.

Fourth Way:

This is what I do. Attend as many WordCamps as you can around the country and hand out a flyer or business card with your paid plugin address on it.

I have seen all 4 of these suggestions work for various plugins. I hope one of these works well for you.

If you have any other questions about this, please let me know.


Yes. If you look at modern blog networks like Latest Blog Posts at, you can see people blogging constantly. I actually maintain 3 blogs of my own and I find that it brings more traffic to my site than Google search results.

Fashion blogs are very popular, because fashion is always changing. A fashion blog that keeps up to date should do very well and also bring in income from affiliate sales.

Blogging is only as good as the quality and quantity of the blogger. The more quality blogs you put out there, the better chances you have of getting more traffic and making more money.

I hope this helps. I develop blogs for my clients. That is one of my specialties.


Using a template limits your web application from being unique and performing the way you really want it to perform as envisioned.

In my opinion, a custom designed web application makes your branding unique and makes your business and application appear apart from the rest. You are best having a custom solution.

I also build templates and custom web applications, so if you have further questions, please let me know.


I hire Junior wordpress developers and designers for my firm often. I still want them to feel important and a more prominent title gets you more WordPress experience faster on your way to being a senior developer in the future.

Based on what I have titled my own junior programmers, I suggest:
- Junior Web Developer
- WordPress Web Developer

They both work well and tell clients and employers exactly what you do.


I have built my own CMS called Butane for my web design clients which was an easier version of WordPress.

I know the other people were saying not to reinvent the wheel, but if you are really interested in building your CMS, it is not hard if you know PHP and MySQL.

First of all, you need:
1. A MySQL or similar database
2. A scripting language like PHP or .NET
3. Clear objectives and goals on who you will make it easier than the popular CMS software.

Also, what I did was create these for Butane:
1. a menu system
2. an back end administrative control panel
3. a user manager
4. responsive layout that can work with any HTML and CSS.

Basically, your PHP or other code will interact with the database through your URL and if you use PHP like I did, you will also need to modidy the rewrite rules in your .htaccess file.

Other options:
1. social media URLs stored in your database and manageable through an HTML form
2. SEO options like meta tags
3. ecommerce. I just use a Paypal link which most of my clients had

If you have any questions, I can help you with this.


I can help you with all 3 items.

I have done all of these with PHP and MySQL:
1. built a login page
2. image uploader
3. image posting to a gallery page

Also, in addition to PHP and MySQL, if you website is WordPress, I can help you with all of these items as well, but if not, we can just do it with PHP and MySQL.

I am available to help.


I am not sure if your courses are video-based, but I have had success with Udemy and Teachable. I teach WordPress and have 7 courses on Udemy right now. They pay instructors based on a percentage and also if the students are part of Udemy already or if you drive traffic to the course from your own internet marketing strategies.

I help companies get their courses started on Udemy as well.

Also, if you want to control the pricing structure a little more, check out Teachable. They are pretty good and as you requested, they take a small percentage.

I hope this helps.

I have designed a few of these online marketplaces and I can tell you from experience that in this day and age, phone numbers are a deterrent on a signup form. I advise against it and agree more with the cons.

However, that does not mean that you cannot get feedback from students. Form the past websites that I have built with student demographics, I have found that they like to interact with each other, so a better way to get feedback is to set up a forum in your online marketplace. Also, just adding a comment thread like blogs have is a very good way to get feedback, even more effective than phone numbers.

Also, one reliable method that I found works is an incentive based feedback survey when students can earn pennies on the dollar to take surveys. If you go this route, you could offer 25 cents or $1 or even $5 to the first 20 or 100 students that fill out the survey answering all your questions that you would normally have asked over the phone.

I hope my suggestions are helpful to you. I can always assist you in building your online marketplace. I have more suggestions for you as well.


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