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With Time , try to be a person of your word . Learn to balance & know when to give them space & when to be emotionally present. Try to prove to them that you have pure intentions with the pattern of your actions not just words . Little by little they will let their guard down ..

Hey honestly just be kind & respectful to everyone . Be attentive ,be a good listener pay attention to details , do little things to try to make them happy . Try to smell good & be a clean person so that it can be more pleasant to be around you .. but over all just try to be your best self . Don’t pressure anyone to like you or obsess with that idea because then you’ll become a people pleaser or you may get social anxiety .. just be chill and flow .. read the room and act accordingly ..

This can honestly happen to anyone of us . The key is to be real with yourself and try to understand what is truly missing , what exactly you are in need of . What expectations do you have that are not being met . Once you understand what you are looking for & what you want in order to spark up that flame again .. you can sit down with your partner and share your feelings and ideas . Most of the time it gets dry in bed when both are too tired , over worked & too busy .. try to see what your partner is comfortable with , try to bring in some new things to the bed , music , dress up , bring food into it , bring toys , & change the setting . Be more open & with express what you want & like .. there’s much more to this ..

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