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20 yrs old i can give some life advices depending on the situation. Mostly i give love advices and life advices

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Everyone will expirience it i know it hurts but no words can stop the bleed on your heart

It depends on your hormones but in your case its normal
Some girls bleed for 2 days and some girls bleed for 1 week straight
But if you feel something is off please go to your doctor and check your self up
You can get some advice from your mother and your friends to lessen your worries

Show them the passion and skills that you guys have, we need to convince them by not forcing them
1. Showcase the talent and skills that you guys have
2. Make some videos and make it interesting for people so when they saw the vid they will realized that its not that bad to trust them
3. Give your best in all of your work you're doing because if you're losing, you're not giving your best

First you need to see their dedication for the work if they're working to help your company or he/she's just working for the money,
You should make an job hiring and post it online that's the fastest way to find one and you can choose from those applicant.
You can post it in social media where everyone is into webmarketing and there you can interview those who are interested for the job
And let say if their idea works they will get some bonus or let say a reward for making it.

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