Rok Vogrinyoung but know a lot

have expirience with depression, overthinking, can help you with emotional support and controling emotions and life crisis, emotional and mental healht helper

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not long ago i lost my grandpa and it was hard at first but i got through it so can you. You can give me a call and i will be there for you always:)

Hey, this is a common question that i myself was asking for a long time and the truth is just be you be real to yourself if you think something is bad in your life try to improve it for example physical health, skin care othervise just be you and if people don't accept you for who you are they don't deserve you or if you are at your worst and they dislike you or don't support you they won't be real with you at your best. Hope this helps, peace.

Hi, i aswell didn't have a good relationship with my father we often got into arguments and sometimes we still do but through time we stoped arguing so much and understand eachother a lot more. In my experience the key was understanding eachother and talk. Try to communicate with him or spend more time with him find similar hobbies and also if he asks you something for ex. chores to do them just do it , its better than an argument or try to explain to him what is going in your life. Hope this helps

yes i have it was hard but i got through it. I can help you and will be there for you in your hard and best times

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