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Because of having several start-up businesses over the last 40 years selling some of them, closing some after the curve for their success was over, I can help small business start-ups of most kinds.
I have started more than one company for a few hundred dollars that became $100,000 plus profit makers. Because of my background in sales companies I have had, photography promotion, computer service products, Attorneys, one of the top ten largest bookstores and many other areas I can apply this past knowledge to your company.
I have a Podcast where I interview small business owners all the way to the top companies in the world where you can learn what they did and how you can apply their information to your business.
If you want some down to earth methods to start your new business or you are struggling with your current business I believe I can help you. Give me a short call initially and let’s see if we can help you be more successful at whatever business you are starting or you are already running, thanks.....Ken Queen

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Simplely create a revenue model that is the same for everyone and then have extra charges for specific situations. If the reduce a price up front you explain that the reduced charge comes with some strings attached like the customer can include a flyer in every bill they send out about you, or an ad on their website or a percentage of their future business or a % of ownership in their business. You are not charging them less in most cases you are charging them more and if the word gets out about what you did you can offer the same to those customers. Give nothing for free but in essence delayed payment or other types of payment you will get in kind. Call me if you would like to discuss this further......Ken Queen

My first thought is eliminate some of the features of your package and make them ad ons. For example the basic hourly program contains these features and now these features are now extra.
Offer to continue the present prices to those who will pay for the services 3 months in advance, or 6 or 1 year.
You could keep the basic price the same but require a percentage of the profit it produces, a shared revenue model along with your old prices.
Offer to keep your prices the same if they will give you a free ad on their website, or include a flyer of yours with every bill that goes out to get you more business.
Trading services is a lot easier to get approved then increasing your hourly billing by 50% but with some of these ideas you may make more than 50% and everybody's happy. Call we can talk....Ken Queen

First of all if this is true why are you going after Canadian companies. When it comes to investments the world is your oyster. But to address the question, I just had someone I interviewed on my podcast that I have not put up yet on iTunes from Vancouver, BC. He would have up to a million dollars for any new venture high tech or not if he thought it would make it and also provide the entrepreneur training free to make sure they made it. So there are opportunities in every country. Call me to talk more....Ken Queen

I'm a believer in shoestring start-ups so I would be creating a situation that would have investors seeking me out. You need to get yourself out there in front of as many people as possible bragging about your great new product so that investors call you. Let me say this an investor who called you is worth at least 10 times one you phoned. One your in charge and your looking for the best investors, the other your one of a hundred people calling them and they are looking for the best investment, which position do you want to be in. How do you have them clamoring to your door is get some minimal, viable version of your product or service so you can show some real figures, real buyers not just a hypothetical possibility of success. Call me for more on this, thanks....Ken Queen

I would go after the heroes to you in this field. Don't worry about that your new or small. Think like if I had the best organization in the world and I had the pick of the crop who would I pick. Make a list of 30 people in this boat and I believe you will get 5 of them. I just started a podcast interviewing those baby boomers that have a message to help people get in business and this week I interviewed someone who did $3,000,000,000 (Billion) in business last year and gave me an hour of his time. If you don't ask you don't get. And who knows you might cause someone that you talk to become a believer. Hoped this helped, call if you would like to talk, thanks....Ken

P.S. I raised over 1.5 million for the blind almost single handedly so I have an idea of what you are doing.

This answer was made easy for me because I first thought it was $28,000 in assets you had. To answer either amount of assets my feeling is you have to put yourself out there in every form you can related in your field. I wouldn't be asking for these partnerships directly because you will have to shift through a lot of dead wood. Just be more visible than you ever have through every online and offline medium you can. When the offers start coming in you can start to pick and choose the best of the best. If you seek them you immediately are in a inferior position but if they have search you out it's a whole new world. Think of it as the difference between inbound calls and outbound. When I promoted my last attorney and I figured a way to have the phone ring all day with clients, what a position I was in. I was often able to teach people how law was done these days my way and we ended up with the best clients with no competition. Hoped that helped. By the way I'm at $150 an hour right now just for fun but I will going back to $500 an hour as I was when I worked with the attorney. And if your wondering who this attorney is I have the letter of recommendation from him, thanks...Ken Queen

If you are starting up a company that might be in direct conflict with your regular company you will need to set up a corporation let's say in Hong Kong so there is no likely tie to you. But outside that for a moment I like to start up companies on a shoestring or at least test out the concept on real people which a have a couple of methods of doing that. Investors will fight over a proven concept but on just speculation you have to fight to find them. If you need help testing out your idea I can help, thanks...Ken Queen

You would figure out your price per acre by the kind of rent you can collect in that area. You don't need to be right downtown in the richest area but if you want to have middle class clients you better be in a middle class area, call if I can help you more, thanks...Ken Queen

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