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Executive Communication Coach to leaders and teams in Silicon Valley. I've worked with a variety of industries including Semiconductors, SaaS, Consumer Products, Marketing Tech and more. Also teach Leadership to MBA students at San Jose State University.

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It doesn't have to be an unsolved problem, you don't have to be the first - you just have to find your niche. It's the old "build a better mousetrap". Can you find a way to win customers that might have some unmet requirement, even if it's just UI or a slightly better customer service line, or some kind of peer effect i.e. all their friends have it?

I've worked with entrepreneurs who tried to develop apps or products that were trying to improve on existing competitors. What we found is that the earlier products didn't define their market well, or that younger customers preferred something a bit more friendly, e.g. Paypal vs. Venmo.

If you'd like more ideas on how to get to your MVP, feel free to message and we an set up a call.

Hey there - I work with entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley but mostly with what I call the Big Dreamers - people that would never be able to hold down a job, but can go out there and do something magical with their unusual talents. I am working on 2 books with different people, marketing their products with them and coaching Executives.

Startups suck, man. Teams don't work, engineers don't stick around, you need connections for money and yes, it is risky.

So what should you do?

Three words: Online Home Business.

Many examples exist of regular people - Dads, Moms, even teenagers - that started up a blog/website/social media/youtube channel with a passion of their own and posted fun, fresh, unique content regularly building an audience over time and making a tidy income - more than by driving for Uber or having a retail job. The best ones cross six figures and more with a little luck and good timing. I knew an example where this young man loved Disney and all things related - so he built a Disney fan website and got all this ad-click money plus affiliate marketing money and before he knew it he was on the news.

So what's your burning interest? Let me help you figure it out and position yourself in a spot where you can actually still spend time with family and friends but live a comfortable lifestyle. I can help you understand your talents and how to relate them to the wide world out there!

Call me and we can get started right away!

Arjun Buxi

Have you ever offered to help them build an audience? I speak often on podcasts and at events at a guest, and the top problem is getting eyeballs and clicks as needed. If you could do a little bit of vertical integration there, I can help you create a brand and social strategy to move forward using some social selling. Message me and let's talk!

I think you have a great start here - you seem to be detail oriented in both the "do's" and the "don't's" , and are genuinely trying to find a balance between task orientation and relationship orientation. In some of my work with tech teams, I have found the technique that is most illuminating is perspective taking - it leads to an uncovering of internal and external motivational factors, a better inventory of challenges and more concreteness in short and long term strategies. Give me a call and I'd love to explain how this can help your team members gain a sense of accomplishment and intrinsic/extrinsic motivation to both the project as well as the company.

Happy to explain more, and good luck to you on the project!

Arjun Buxi, M.A.

I understand your challenges, clients I speak to especially out in the Midwest are slow to adopt these kinds of policies. I think the better way - and I'd be happy to hop on a call for this - is for you to be a consultant to the minority vendor themselves, and train them in marketing and niche positioning strategies. Let's talk about this!


I have provided digital marketing and e-commerce advice to clients here in the US as well as Dubai and South Asia. My understanding of your challenge is creating a social network that would rival LinkedIN on a more local level. The solution to a successful network is always an engaged user base, and the path to such a base is solving a problem. What particular needs do you think prevailing networks are not meeting?

If you'd like to get on a call, I'll help you set up some information gathering mechanisms, then we can talk about team formation strategies and user base growth. Look forward to hearing from you!


A degree is a great start! What works well is successful campaigns to spread awareness - get people to sign up for a social media account, contribute to a Kickstarter, raise money for charity. Interning for a medium size firm as their marketer will give you a chance to make mistakes, learn basics of email and social, and get some small wins to get paid positions down the line. Hop on a call with me and I'd be happy to help you plan a career trajectory.

Statistically, a thousand people is representative of any opinion and attitude. What seems to work well with smaller numbers is a clear intent to purchase the product and better yet, actual customers or beta testers. So in other words, if through a Kickstarter or similar small marketing campaign you get actual revenue going, this is almost better than positive confirmation of need by a larger sample population. Key is to get niche right and to focus on competitive advantage. Hop on a call and we can confirm your progress, plan for success.

I mentor Startups and Business Leaders and of course was mentored myself in years past.

The best way to find a mentor is to first know who you are. What are your goals, your unfinished challenges and projects? Where do you fall short in your own estimation? Generate these notes and form lists. I can help you with this part of your journey.

Now we look for people that succeeded in those areas. I've found mentors and peers through a variety of places - we had shared connections (or none at all) on LinkedIn, I took part in LinkedIn discussion groups and commented on people's ideas, I sent cold emails and made phone calls to people I found interesting thereof.

The weirdest place was guests on my favorite podcast or radio show, or even local TV. These are prominent people - local government officials, University Administrators, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs - but not too prominent that they can't take a call to help someone. Pay a sincere compliment and sincerely ask for help.

Show you are driven and want to be someone.

I can help you understand this more, and in any case, best of luck on this path.

Hi there,

Congratulations on your scholarship! I am both a startup adviser and college professor.

My advice is based on my experience in the US, so please bear that in mind.

Typically a personal statement is a combination of resume, aspirations and suitability. In that the school wishes to see your achievements, life experiences, goals, abilities and how all those make you a great candidate for their school. Most schools like to see your connectedness to their history and culture, and want to be satisfied that you will both gain from their learning and add to the institution.

I am happy to get on a call with you to discuss how your startup experience and mindset can be leveraged for this as well as learn more about why you want a law degree in the first place.

Look toward to speaking with you!


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