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Considering school & other learning institutes will remain close for the next 4-5 months. Online tutoring is one of the hottest business ideas at this time. According to Statista, the global market for e-learning platform is expected to reach over $243 billion in 2022.

In the following blog post you can read, what are the opportunities in Online Learning for EduPreneurs:

There are some popular names in B2B marketplaces such as Amazon, Wallmart, eworldtrade, Ec21, &

To understand, how a B2B online marketplace works & what are the different B2B business models, continue reading this post:

Yes, that is a better idea. Here are some questions you need to ask before hiring a dedicated software development company:

How agile & flexible they are?
There previous work examples for different clients
White-label services or not?
Pricing strategy (Fixed or hourly based)

For more details or to hire a dedicated software outsourcing team, you can check here:

Let me know If I can help you. I am working with Yo!Kart online marketplace platform where we help global business owners to launch their own eBay, Etsy, Amazon, or other such marketplaces. I can help you to guide on these topics:

Future of online marketplaces
Different Business models
What are popular revenue channels in an online marketplace
What are the must-have features and functionalities?
How to start with pro active and pre active marketing

Feel free to ping me.

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It is a question that every seller or retailers think who wants to sell online. Whether you should sell your products in an online marketplace or start your own e-commerce website?
There is no doubt that selling on the online marketplace is an easy option and since they have readymade traffic, you can expect immediate sales on the day you start selling on the online marketplace. However, in the long run, the benefits of running your online store will outgrow your desire to sell products at other websites.

By not selling on your own website, you are losing the following things:

• Brand value. Listing your products at online marketplaces will shadow you amidst hundreds of other retailers and curb your brand identity.
• Fear of losing the business. You can be removed as a seller any time and also marketplaces increase its commission percentage when they want.
• No control & flexibility. Since you are selling amidst hundred of sellers, you will have to offer a competitive price.
• No access to customer data. On online marketplaces, this data remains with the owner and not the vendor. This means you cannot retarget your customers for offers, deals, and promotion.

There are many other disadvantages of selling on an online marketplace. You can start your own ecommerce store FREE with Unlike Shopify, it is a free and quick solution to launch ecommerce website/apps. Visit:

If budget is the only reason that is stopping you to launch your online ecommerce store then don't worry, with the help of an ecommerce platform "Quick eSelling", you can start an online store for FREE. It is a ready to launch ecommerce platform that provides all standards features at zero investment cost. To start or for more details, You can visit

Both techniques have their own benefits. For example, if you are looking for instant traffic and have high budget then you opt for PPC. However, if your website is new and not optimize from search engines point of view, then you must need to invest in SEO.

True, building an on-demand web services platform from scratch can cost you thousands of dollars. You can choose ready to launch or turnkey solutions like YoGigs for building the on-demand services marketplaces at very less cost.

There are 3 best possible options to build a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace:

From scratch - It will cost you very high and you need to have the sound technical understanding to managing the platform.

Plugins & extensions: With plugins or extensions like woocommerce, you can set up a multi-vendor marketplace at very less cost. However, the platform will not be scalable.

Turnkey Solutions - The best option is to choose ready to launch or turnkey solutions. Turnkey solutions are cost-effective & provide great flexibility.

As per your requirements, you can start with Yokart multi-vendor platform. Yokart is one of the best turnkey multi-vendor platforms that comes at a minimal price. For more details, you can visit here:

According to your business requirements, Shopify is a good platform to go ahead. But it is true you have to share a major chunk of your income with Shopify as they charge 2% for every transaction. The best alternatives to Shopify are Bigcommerce and Volusion. Both platforms beat Shopify in additional transaction fees since they charge none.

For information about other alternative solutions, you can read the following post:

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