I'd like to turn my website into a resource for women that i can monetize.

My website is a lifestyle blog/podcast for women. I cover topics that are relevant to their day to day lives - single or married. My site has been up since 2009.


Here are a few ideas for monetizing your traffic:

- Offer a premium subscription to your site & added benefits for those folks who pay a small monthly fee.

- Recommend to your audience relevant products and books using an Amazon affiliate link.

- Consider charging a small fee for some of your podcast sessions, or host separate webinars or workshops that you charge for.

- Reach out to other sites that are trying to get in front of a similar audience as yours, and offer to link to their site or recommend their content/product/service to your audience for a fee.

Happy to hop on a call if you'd like to discuss other ideas. Best of luck!

Answered 9 years ago

If you haven't already you should start building an email list. By building a list you'll be creating an asset of people that you can talk to and offer something for sale. Typically you need to offer something free in exchange for an email sign up, this is what's called a lead magnet. You should also create a digital product to sell as a test. I recommend bundling some of your past blog posts into a PDF. You could offer it directly on your site or better yet offer it immediately after some one opts into your email list. This is what's know as a tripwire offer. This also gives you the advantage of segmenting you list into buyers and non buyers. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Answered 9 years ago

I own over 30 website domains and probably run about 12 different websites many of those websites are called affiliate marketing websites. I have been monetizing sites for about 10 years. My websites have lots of valuable content surrounded by very specific affiliate marketing links that allow people to click on the links and if they purchase something at that link I get a percentage of whatever they purchased. This is the way that popular bloggers and website owners today make money. You can do all of this yourself quite easy.

A good way to start off is to begin with Google AdSense. It's very simple to do and you just need to login using your normal Google or Gmail account and set up an AdSense account to get started. Once you get your feet wet with Google AdSense you can start joining other affiliate network companies.For instance if you were planning to write a post on diets then you can include Ads from various companies that offer diet solutions. Once folks click on these ads and convert a sale on the third-party sites you will be paid a percentage of whatever it is they bought. Keep in mind that some companies offer commission and some offer payment for leads.

Without a previous understanding of affiliate networking or affiliate marketing I know it can be confusing, please feel free to reach out to me via Clarity so I can give you some methods of getting started.

Answered 9 years ago

As blogging and influencer marketing become professions instead of hobbies, it is easy to assume that making money on the internet is simple. You can just create a blog, choose one of the frequently recommended monetization strategies, and watch your bank balance go up. That is because creating a website is easy. But maintaining it means a lot of unpaid hours before monetization starts to work. Michelle Gardner, of Making Sense of Cents, says she consistently earns 6 figures per month blogging about finance and has earned over $5 million since starting her blog. All those websites took years to build up their readership, credibility, and traffic. But smaller websites can make a good profit too. A Convert Kit survey found that established, full-time bloggers generated a mean income of $54,108 per year, with average expenses of $15,895 and profits of $38,016. Yes, the money is there for people who work for it. And only then comes the fun money-making part. For instance, if you are apart of the Web flow affiliate program, you will receive a revenue share from each person who clicks your affiliate link and sets up a paid account. Book bloggers can earn some extra cash if a reader buys a book through the blog’s affiliate links. Create a dedicated page on your website where you list all your favourite tools, apps, books, and anything else you genuinely enjoy. Selling a digital product is an excellent monetization method if you are short on time because it does not require continuous content creation work. You create the product, then invest time in promoting it to your audience and new readers. Physical product sales require a bit more attention. Use your website as a launchpad for a new software product. Survey your readers to find a problem an app or a plugin could solve. Test a minimum viable product with a small group of beta users. Launch with Web flow to a warmed-up audience.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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