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Zack Rosenberg is leading US Operations for Keywee. He offers expertise in digital, as well as, start ups. He has worked and consulted for companies including BuzzFeed, WebMD, American Express and CBS. Founder of DoGoodBuyUs

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Why do you have to do the sales? Find a friend, family member, or partner and focus on the product. THAT is what will matter most. Let someone else handle the sales. No one can do it all, especially as you prep to scale.

In terms of building a sales process, I can help.

Have you ever conducted a webinar? Software isn't expensive and the conversion rates are pretty significant. PLUS, it creates value forever as you can repurpose a webinar indefinitely.

They've been very successful for me.

If your product is focused on the B2B market, all you need is an email address, the internet, and a phone. Not much else.

B2C however will be significantly more costly.

I'll tell you the biggest challenge...tracking through to the end of the funnel. Many affiliate sources are unwilling to provide this access which creates two problems, 1) trust in the numbers and 2) the inability to know what method is working best.

I'd be happy to share my best practices for getting around some of these issues.

Are you selling advertising packages or placement packages? If you have product market fit, a process can easily be put in place.

Carefully. Make sure you've defined clearly what is new vs recurring business. Then the percentages matter.

We've just established this for our company, Keywee. Let's setup a call.

It probably has a lot to do with you being new. Google looks at how long you've been around, doing what you are doing.

Their fear is that you post a blog, get approved, and 4 days later become a porn site.

You likely won't get it right the first time around. Though it will make a difference. There was an interesting study about how waitresses who wear red lipstick receive 30% higher tips. When asked why they tipped more, they had no idea. Not every decision is conscious.

First piece of advice is charge from day one. Something. Anything. Prove that there is value in what you do. If people are unwilling to pay, deliver more value.

Stay true to the process and you'll have a business. Happy to chat further.

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