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Over 13 years in digital marketing experience including SEM, PPC (Google Ads), Display, and SEO. In addition to social media marketing with Facebook and Instagram ads. I've been working with businesses of all shapes and sizes - from corporate life to agency life, start up to acquisition, managing a team to managing budgets - it's been wild ride. Ready to share that experience and help other businesses succeed. Check me out on LinkedIn and connect - https://www.linkedin.com/in/diana-richardson-8965a317/

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Great question! I've been working in the SEO industry for over 13 years, so I'm happy to help if you want some guidance.

I'm a fan of Search Engine Land's daily email newsletter, but the best way to get a steady stream of SEO tips is by following top SEOs on Twitter and LinkedIn. Every time I read an article or watch a webinar with someone in the SEO industry that's new to me, I immediately follow them on social media. Here are a few:
Joe Youngblood @YoungbloodJoe
Andy Crestodina @crestodina
Aleyda Solis @aleyda
Brian Dean @Backlinko
Neil Patel @neilpatel
Barry Schwartz @rustybrick
Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan

And follow the big players like SEMRush, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Google, Bing, Moz, and the like. They are always posting tips.

Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out if you'd like learn a bit more about SEO.

The same way companies grew before there was the Internet — boots on the ground, people-to-people networking, outbound sales outreach and time.

I had the same question. Clarity told me it was a bug in their system right now and it will be fixed soon. That was a month ago.

In addition to the answers already provided, reviews are important for customer perception. Good or bad, replying and actively engaging with reviews helps keep content fresh and helps to show other potential customers you are professional, friendly, accessible and engaged.

SEO is evolving into a website necessity - from the build up - as opposed to an independent marketing strategy. It's become essential, imperative, can't-live-without-it type of tactic as opposed to an independent marketing strategy. The web is so saturated that if you are not thinking about SEO from day 1 of your website build then it will not get the full benefit and you'll have to back pedal. So, no it's not dying, it's growing into something more.

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